Burnett Out at Pelham

Jamie Herran | PrepsNet

Pelham, AL – After ten seasons at the helm of the Panthers Brett Burnett is out at Pelham.  The new Pelham City School board dismissed Burnett following the Panthes 3-7 season which saw Pelham finish near the bottom of  class 6A region 6.

Burnett posted a career record of 53-55 at Pelham which included a region title in 2006 and six playoff apperances.

“Pelham has been home to us for 10 years and there are a lot of good folks here. We wish this team nothing but great things going forward.”  

The end of Burnett’s tenure at Pelham saw a significant cut in numbers with the opening of nearby Helena High School.   There is a posibility that Pelham could transition from class 6A to 5A if population growth in North Shelby County does not keep up with attrition from Pelham to Helena.

Pelham has not named an interium head coach.  Stay connected to Prepsnet.com for further Panther developments.