Tabernacle Takes First in ACAA Bass Fishing Tournament

By Jackson Hillis

Clanton, Ala. – The Alabama Christian Athletic Association (ACAA) held its 5th annual Invitational Bass Fishing tournament on the waters of Lake Mitchell this past Friday. The association hosted teams from across the ACAA for the one-day event. Though faced with skilled competition, Tabernacle put up an impressive performance to claim the first-place spot. The Torches, who placed 2nd in the previous year’s tournament, also brought in an array of individual accolades.

Tabernacle earned first place in the event with 20 pounds exactly. The second and third place marks were earned by the young fishermen of First Assembly Christian and Glen Iris Baptist respectively.

Senior anglers Josiah Jones and Troy Box were led by Boat Captain Allen Branham. Jones and Box, perennial participants in the annual competition, reeled in the largest Spotted Bass of the outing at a stout 3 pounds and 11 ounces. Though the team incurred a 4-ounce penalty for weighing a dead fish, they were still able to secure the mark. In addition to this, Jones and Box beat out Jonah and Jordan Amason of First Assembly Christian School by just one ounce to claim the 2nd place spot in individual weight, with 10 pounds and 4 ounces.

Tabernacle Bass Fishing Team | Gene Paul Branham (Boat Captain), Austin Batson, Troy Box, Josiah Jones, Seth Batson, Landon Ervin, Tucker Andrews, Allen Branham (Boat Captain) & Zach Ervin (Boat Captain)

However, Jones and Box weren’t the only Torches to post a strong performance on the day. Tabernacle’s Austin Batson and Tucker Andrews also played a large part in the Torches’ performance. Both first time participants, the duo took home 4th place overall in individual weight, with a total of 9 pounds and 12 ounces.  The sophomore fishermen, under Captain Gene Paul Branham, also hooked the heaviest Largemouth Bass of the day, weighing in at 3 pounds and 9 ounces.

Boat Captain Zach Ervin led Tabernacle freshman Landn Ervin and 8th grader Seth Batson, making up the Torches’ 3rd and final team of the event, and contributing to a dominant day on the water for the Torches. Tabernacle will look to continue on their string of strong performances into next year’s tournament.

Tabernacle anglers Troy Box and Josiah Jones with Boat Captain Allen Branham

Listed below are the event’s official standings:

Senior High Team Standings

1st Place: Tabernacle Christian School (20 lb.)

2nd Place: First Assembly Christian School (18 lb. 2 oz.)

3rd Place: Glen Iris Baptist School (15 lb. 5 oz

4th Place: Cornerstone Christian Academy (14 lb. 1 oz.)

Senior High Individual Standings

1st Place: Boat 2

Cornerstone Christian Academy (10 lb. 9 oz.)

Jake Nelson/Jess Nelson


2nd Place: Boat 30

Tabernacle Christian School (10 lb. 4 oz.)

Josiah Jones/Troy Box


3rd Place: Boat 31

First Assembly Christian School (10 lb. 3 oz.)

Jonah Amason/Jordan Amason


4th Place: Boat 27

Tabernacle Christian School (9 lb. 12 oz.)

Austin Batson/Tucker Andrews


5th Place: Boat 12

Glen Iris Baptist School (8 lb. 15 oz.)

Joshua Everett/Jordan Everett


6th Place: Boat 23

Chilton Christian Academy (8 lb. 7 oz.)

Marissa Smitherman/Alex Ballesteros


Junior High Team Standings

1st Place: First Assembly Christian School

2nd Place: Chilton Christian Academy


Junior High Individual Standings

1st Place: Boat 4

Chilton Christian Academy

Joshua Langston/Joseph Mitchell


2nd Place: Boat 18

Chilton Christian Academy

Dalon McDonald/Brady Gulledge

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