Leeds athletic complex referendum fails

Leeds, AL – The Leeds Green Wave’s athletic programs will remain in their current facilities following the defeat of a property tax referendum.

Leeds residents rejected the city’s plan to construct new athletic facilities, including a new on-campus football stadium, a new civic center, library and senior citizens center. 70% of the annual revenue was slated to go to Leeds City Schools.

The nine mill property tax increase failed by a vote of 1,506 to 971.

After vote totals were tabulated Leeds City Schools Superintendent John Moore shared the following message: “Leeds Friends: I want to thank all of you who worked tirelessly to promote our referendum for the school system and city. Things did not turn out as we had hoped. But in a democracy we abide with the will of the people, even when we don’t like the results. So many of you have complimented our wonderful school system as we have spoken these past weeks, and that really lifts my spirits tonight. Tomorrow the sun rises and we will be there to greet our 2,000 students with kindness and a desire to help. 971 of my neighbors saw things the way I do-and that fills my soul.”

According to Leeds Mayor David Miller, plans for new athletic facilities for the Green Wave are unlikely to happen without the property tax increase and another vote in the near future is unlikely.