Weaver Wins 1A/4A North Section Title in Bid for 3rd Straight State Wrestling Crown

By Josh Bean 

BIRMINGHAM – Weaver High School took home the Class 1A-4A team title at the 2024 AHSAA North Super Section Wrestling Championships Saturday at the Birmingham CrossPlex Bill Harris Arena, as the Bearcats stayed on track to win a third straight state title.

Weaver finished with 258 team points, followed by Corner (207.5) and Ashville (187.5) in Class 1A-4A. Weaver eighth-grader Haiden Hise (34-5) won the Bearcats’ only Super Section individual title at 120 pounds, but three others were runners-up.

Scottsboro won the Class 5A team North Super Section title with 219 points, followed by defending state champ Jasper with 185.5 points. Mortimer Jordan scored 266 points to win the Class 5A North Super Section team title, and Gardendale was runner-up with 223 points. Huntsville won the 7A team title, followed by Thompson with 226.

In addition, seven North Super Section champs stayed undefeated this season, including three who won state titles last year:

  • Scottsboro’s John Stewart (43-0), who won the 126-pound title last year and won the 138-pound Super Section title in Class 5A.
  • Jasper senior Cole Carter (40-0), who was the 2023 champ at 195 pounds, won the Class 5A 215-pound Super Section title by pinning Hayden’s Griffin Price.
  • Huntsville’s Yanik Simon (48-0), who won the Class 7A Super Section title at 150 pounds, captured the 132-pound title last season.

Other North Super Section champs who remain undefeated are Scottsboro’s John Stewart (43-0) at 138 pounds in Class 5A; Decatur’s Oliver Howard (36-0) at 190 pounds in Class 6A; Huntsville’s Kyon Simon (47-0) at 113 pounds in Class 7A; Spain Park’s Bradley Williams (51-0) at 144 pounds in Class 7A; and Spain Park’s Kyle Oliveira (49-0) at 215 pounds in Class 7A.

Three Gardendale brothers captured individual North Section titles – Crue Powe (49-4) at 106 pounds, Demarcus Powe (35-9) at 138 pounds, and Daishun Powe (40-4) at 165 pounds. Daishun Powe won the 152-pound state title last season.

The top six finishers in each weight class from the two-day sectional tournament in Classes 1A-4A, 6A and 7A advance to next week’s AHSAA State Championships at Huntsville’s Von Braun Center. Class 5A, which has less schools, advances the top four wrestlers in each weight class sectional action to the state tourney.


Class 1A-4A

106 pounds: Owen Burns (Ashville) 53-7, Fr. over Cael Fulmer (Weaver) 35-4, 8th. (Dec 9-5)

113 pounds: Benjamin Santy (St. John Paul II) 47-7, Jr. over Samuel Kirk (Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

120 pounds: Haiden Hise (Weaver) 34-5, 8th. over Mason Hahm (White Plains) 35-1, Jr. (Fall 4:42)

126 pounds: Adrian Waugh (New Hope HS) 29-1, Sr. over Jayden rouse (Dora) 41-2, Sr. (Fall 5:10)

132 pounds: Kurtis Soles (Cherokee County) 40-2, Jr. over Andy Maroyka (St. John Paul II) 28-16, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:07 (16-0)

138 pounds: Michael Yafondo (Fultondale) 45-2, Jr. over Julian Lowe (St. John Paul II) 39-6, Jr. (Dec 10-3)

144 pounds: Bryson Millwood (Corner) 43-10, So. over Gianluca Torres (Weaver) 40-12, So. (Fall 1:58)

150 pounds: Jack Von Eschenbach (St. John Paul II) 55-2, Sr. over Andrew Young (Cherokee County) 34-5, Jr. (MD 17-6)

157 pounds: Nick Williamson (Ashville) 58-2, Sr. over Jaylen Fells (Fultondale) 43-7, Jr. (Fall 5:08)

165 pounds: Tyler Ebner (Ashville) 42-4, Jr. over Aiden Richardson (Dora) 46-10, Fr. (Dec 7-4)

175 pounds: Jacob Blanchard (Corner) 52-8, Sr. over Layton Pohl (New Hope HS) 25-3, So. (Fall 1:40)

190 pounds: Ross Mills (Deshler) 47-4, Sr. over Brady Thrash (Ashville) 51-11, So. (Dec 13-7)

215 pounds: Korion Pryor (Dora) 40-12, Sr. over Brandon Jolliff (Weaver) 46-3, Jr. (Dec 5-3)

285 pounds: Silas McCarthy (Brooks) 19-2, So. over Kesean Pryor (Dora) 42-14, Sr. (Fall 3:02)

Class 5A

106 pounds: Brynn Jenkins (Moody Hs) 30-16, Sr. over Gage Staton (Scottsboro) 29-10, 7th. (Dec 9-2)

113 pounds: Colby Silva (Arab) 50-2, So. over Cole Snyder (Scottsboro) 32-6, Jr. (Dec 6-5)

120 pounds: Preston Jones (Alexandria HS) 42-4, Sr. over Harley Briscoe (Hayden) 41-8, Fr. (TF-1.5 5:40 (20-4)

126 pounds: Stone Staton (Scottsboro) 36-2, So. over Ephram Ormiston (Southside, Gadsden) 41-7, So. (Dec 9-6)

132 pounds: Antonio Nash (Jasper) 48-7, Sr. over Grant Long (Moody Hs) 28-13, Sr. (Dec 2-0)

138 pounds: John Stewart (Scottsboro) 43-0, So. over Cooper Brooks (Jasper) 39-5, Sr. (Fall 2:21)

144 pounds: Kaden Deline (Alexandria HS) 37-3, Sr. over Josh Draskovic (Scottsboro) 29-5, Jr. (Dec 7-5)

150 pounds: Stephen Nelson (Hayden) 42-4, Sr. over Peyton Adams (Southside, Gadsden) 32-11, Jr. (Dec 8-2)

157 pounds: Aiden Goggans (Scottsboro) 41-2, Sr. over Garrett Caldwell (Jasper) 41-4, Sr. (Dec 5-4)

165 pounds: Ansel Goggans (Scottsboro) 42-1, Sr. over Luke Horsley (Jasper) 45-12, Jr. (Dec 7-3)

175 pounds: Carter Reed (Jasper) 46-3, Jr. over Colton Durham (Scottsboro) 30-15, Sr. (Dec 6-0)

190 pounds: Rhett Walters (Lincoln) 50-5, Sr. over Grant McGill (Hayden) 32-4, Sr. (Fall 0:51)

215 pounds: Cole Carter (Jasper) 40-0, Sr. over Griffin Price (Hayden) 34-9, Jr. (Fall 3:23)

285 pounds: Logan Hall (Moody Hs) 37-2, Sr. over Michael Gomer (Saint Clair County) 27-9, So. (Fall 1:20)

Class 6A

106 pounds: Crue Powe (Gardendale Hs) 49-4, Fr. over Brooks Morton (Mortimer Jordan HS) 27-10, So. (MD 15-5)

113 pounds: Aiden Morris (Mortimer Jordan HS) 27-4, Jr. over Pedro Miguel (Fort Payne) 25-11, Jr. (Dec 8-2)

120 pounds: Caleb Wright (Mortimer Jordan HS) 36-3, Sr. over Lakin Poff (Athens) 23-9, Fr. (Fall 3:20)

126 pounds: Brodie Christmas (Mortimer Jordan HS) 32-3, Sr. over Gage Roberts (Hartselle) 11-5, Jr. (MD 12-1)

132 pounds: Jaxon Unger (Athens) 43-8, So. over Brody Helm (Mortimer Jordan HS) 43-10, Jr. (MD 10-1)

138 pounds: Demarcus Powe (Gardendale Hs) 35-9, Jr. over John Leon (Mortimer Jordan HS) 15-4, Sr. (For.)

144 pounds: Will Anderson (Athens) 6-0, Jr. over James Mays (Buckhorn) 40-3, Sr. (Fall 2:59)

150 pounds: Cruz Rainwater (Mortimer Jordan HS) 51-3, Jr. over Austin Campbell (Athens) 34-5, Fr. (Dec 6-0)

157 pounds: Hayden Davis (Fort Payne) 27-5, Sr. over Cage McIsaac (Mortimer Jordan HS) 28-10, Sr. (For.)

165 pounds: Daishun Powe (Gardendale Hs) 40-4, Sr. over PARKER WILSON (Fort Payne) 21-9, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:23 (25-9)

175 pounds: Brady Brooks (Gardendale Hs) 21-8, Jr. over George Mullins (Mae Jemison) 34-6, Sr. (Dec 6-3)

190 pounds: Oliver Howard (Decatur) 36-0, Sr. over Weston Tossie (Mortimer Jordan HS) 30-9, Jr. (Dec 9-4)

215 pounds: Jameson Falciani (Hartselle) 20-2, Jr. over Cooper Hilyer (Fort Payne) 29-12, Sr. (Fall 1:36)

285 pounds: Caleb Tinner (Oxford) 40-3, Jr. over Nathan Sayle (Buckhorn) 24-2, Sr. (Fall 4:14)

Class 7A

106 pounds: Jameson Thomas (Oak Mountain) 36-3, Fr. over Gavin Bittle (Hewitt-Trussville) 43-18, So. (Dec 4-0)

113 pounds: Kiyan Simon (Huntsville) 47-0, Jr. over Stone Phillips (Vestavia Hills) 6-1, So. (MD 12-4)

120 pounds: Clark Box (Hewitt-Trussville) 36-4, Sr. over Kaden Clark (Bob Jones) 47-6, 8th. (Dec 4-2)

126 pounds: Joseph Sowell (Huntsville) 13-0, Jr. over Bradley Hastings (Hewitt-Trussville) 23-5, Jr. (Fall 0:00)

132 pounds: Jordan Weltzin (Thompson HS) 57-12, Jr. over Ethan Johnson (James Clemens HS) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 4-0)

138 pounds: Kiowa Vines (Thompson HS) 22-1, Jr. over Jake Ciccolella (Huntsville) 29-5, Sr. (Dec 8-4)

144 pounds: Bradley Williams (Spain Park HS) 51-0, So. over Jack Shaver (Bob Jones) 38-9, Sr. (Fall 0:28)

150 pounds: Yanik Simon (Huntsville) 48-0, Jr. over Nick Dempsey (Thompson HS) 24-4, Sr. (MD 14-5)

157 pounds: Paxton Miller (Thompson HS) 55-11, Sr. over Jacob Triplett (Hewitt-Trussville) 21-4, Sr. (MD 15-7)

165 pounds: Andrew Sullivan (Vestavia Hills) 24-2, Jr. over Charlie Buttiker (Hewitt-Trussville) 31-8, Jr. (Dec 9-4)

175 pounds: John McKinney (Huntsville) 50-2, Sr. over Vincent Bianca (Grissom Hs) 42-5, Sr. (For.)

190 pounds: Avery Clark (Thompson HS) 53-6, Sr. over Delvecchio Alston (Hewitt-Trussville) 26-7, So. (Dec 4-0)

215 pounds: Kyle Oliveira (Spain Park HS) 49-0, Sr. over Gideon Roll (Bob Jones) 49-9, Jr. (Fall 1:36)

285 pounds: Tafari Alcime (Bob Jones) 39-5, Sr. over Zack Chatman (Hewitt-Trussville) 49-6, Sr. (SV-1 8-6)

Cover Photo: Jasper senior Cole Carter (40-0) won the Class 5A 215-pound North Super Section title by pinning Hayden’s Griffin Price in the championship match. Carter was the 2023 champ at 195 pounds. (AHSAA PHOTO | JOSH BEAN)

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